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SIMGE On The Scene: Jackson Pines, The Burns, and Pamela Flores Welcome Back Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd April 5, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

Spring is here. Or is it. 40 degree temps and 20 mph winds make me think March, especially when we feel them coming off the ocean. For the past few years I have been thinking our seasonal climates have adjusted themselves by one month, so if that holds true then we really are in March weather. All I know for certain is that it is April, and Happy Mondays has returned from its winter hiatus. Things started off a little slow thanks to a certain sold out show down the street, but by 21:30 things were back to normal and they had come.

Bringing us back to life the night kicked off with a set from Jackson Pines. Love, love, love this choice. The duo are some of my favorite acoustic performers, mixing it up with their special brand of Jersey Country and down to earth Ocean County folk. Warmth set in for the night and we were off.

Pamela Flores. How many times have I heard and seen this name. How surprised was I thinking, scratch that, knowing I had never taken in a full set from Pamela and her band. Where have I been? Really not sure how this is possible with how much I see the name on all the show listings. But once again, if you miss a show or two, everyone loves to come around and play a Monday night at the Wonder Bar so you eventually get to take them in.

The night concluded with the fun loving crew of The Burns. Smiles. Talent. Good music. Welcome Back.

Things may get a little crazy for the next edition of Happy Mondays. It is the Annual Jeff Crespi Birthday Bash. This year we get to see Levy and the Oaks, Reality Suite and Evangelia Alexcia. And of course Jeff will be there sharing the love and having some cake. Doors at 7!

The Choice selections from the evening:

Jackson Pines

JacksonPines42_PShepherd-2 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-6 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-8 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-11 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-13 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-15 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-20 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-24 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-26 JacksonPines42_PShepherd-27
Pamela Flores
PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-9 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-19 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-23 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-25 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-31 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-42 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-52 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-65 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd-78 PamelaFlores42_PShepherd
The Burns
TheBurns42_PShepherd-14 TheBurns42_PShepherd-31 TheBurns42_PShepherd-35 TheBurns42_PShepherd-43 TheBurns42_PShepherd-50 TheBurns42_PShepherd-60 TheBurns42_PShepherd-67 TheBurns42_PShepherd-74 TheBurns42_PShepherd-83 TheBurns42_PShepherd-97


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