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Jared & The Mill Announce New LP | Stream “Soul In Mind”

Emily Klingman November 5, 2018 News No Comments

Jared & The Mill

Western rock band Jared & The Mill have announced their upcoming full-length album, titled This Story Is No Longer Available. Releasing in February 2019, the album is a depiction of the myriad of inner emotional battles and experiences a person often faces in their lifetime.

“It’s a textured mosaic of seemingly unrelated stories and songs, but upon zooming out and looking at it as a whole I hope the listeners see a little bit of themselves in the collage,” said frontman Jared Kolesar. “ I think the overall idea is that everybody is at least a little broken.”

The band’s ultimate goal with the record is to comfort those who want to be heard and understood and to allow the listener to feel relief from their inner burdens.

“All anybody really wants in this world is to find the parts of themselves that they like and care about,” Kolesar said. “This record is that idea.. and we also hope the listener enjoys themselves and finds their feet moving a little bit because you gotta learn to dance through the chaos.”

This Story Is No Longer Available will feature previously released singles such as “Soul in Mind,” “Break in the Ether,” “Hope,” and “Feels Like.” Its release date is set for Feb. 15, 2019, and in the meantime, the band will be playing select dates in California and Arizona throughout November and December.

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