Korn & Rob Zombie Played The PNC Bank Arts Center & BB&T Pavilion

Robert Juckett September 14, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Rob Zombie and Korn made a couple of stops in NJ and kicked ass along the way. Rob Zombie has one more stop in our area September 15th at the Sands in Bethlehem PA while Korn takes a short break before their tour goes into high gear in the midwest later this month. Rob Zombie may have opened for Korn but this was Rob Zombie’s show. Korn was the headliner for this one. They sounded great but for me after 22 years, the NU METAL sound has grown on me and I feel it has become a bit dated. With that said, they did come to NJ and kicked ass. For those fans who still loved the sound of NU METAL, which, by the¬†way, has not been through our area in quite some time, this was the perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

Now back to Rob Zombie. He did open for Korn but this is the one time, that rare occasion when the opener out does the headliner.

Simply put, Rob Zombie kicked everyone’s ASS !! His stage was comprised of video screens that featured old school movies such as Ultraman, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc…It looked like a fucking Drive-In Theatre (you know, back when mom and dad took you out in the car while they wassa necking or maybe something else was a goin’ on while you got popcorn, huh ??).

The stage props were very cool to say the least. RZ had the over sized boombox and martian heads and the whole stage looked like a funhouse. Anyway, like I said, Korn did kick ass and I am so glad I did not get an epileptic seizure on the way home. The lights were not great and they could have done better in that department. Apart from that, they did put on a really good show.

It was a good idea from Korn to add Rob Zombie to the tour. Perfect way to end the summer…


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