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Let It Sail by Lost In Society

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Lost In Society’s half of a split EP with the New York-based Ska-Punk collective American Pinup in February produced five setlist staples and a riotous single, “Not Afraid,” that continues to have Punks flipping the bird in the pit when the scream-along-chorus of “Nice to meet you/FUCK YOU TOO!” rolls along, but seemed to fall by the way side without much backing from the Altercation Records label, despite impressive productions from both outfits.  The lack of support from the company hindered the music media’s ability to manufacture buzz and left the listener to beg the question, what will Asbury’s own have to present this Summer when it embarks on a series of national dates as a Warped Tour invitee?

The Answer: One of the best Punk albums of 2012.

Let It Sail is Lost In Society’s latest full-length release, and on this Lakehouse Music production rests a large responsibility, an onus of sorts placed on this LP by its players to properly exhibit their growth as songwriters and maturation as musicians.  The 11-track collection is a transitionary work, a necessary career move which aims to pull the group past its Greenday, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana comparitives, to carve out its own sound and leave its own mark in history’s damp cement…mission accomplished.

The appropriately titled opening salvo, “Guns,”  features a Zach Moyle axe riff that shreds the soundscape like a fighter jet through cloud coverage, reintroducing the audience to the outfit’s continually refined melodious versus and hook riddled refrains; every one charred to the core.

The sinister procession that is “Halloween Song” travels a series of flame-licked ties on a hell-bound track before derailing into a haunting tale of bass-laden fixation.  “Now you have questions that nobody has the answers too,” growls Moyle, playing the disturbed voice inside our protagonist’s deranged cranial cavity. “You can’t explain this rage inside of you/One day you’ll snap and you’ll have no one but yourself to blame/That day you’ll realize that we’re both the same.”

And what’s more impressive than this record’s abundance of mosh-inducing rage-tunes are the profundities layered within; teaching points buried beneath the surface revealing ethics and principals and personality traits.  The emotionally delivered “I Need You” never gets beyond a simmer but reflects a relatable religious view to place your belief in people rather than a God: “Life’s too short/To live by other people’s views/Let me go/Who the fuck even asked you/Because I don’t need a God, no I need you.”

The albums’s first single, “Scared,” though a 2:30 trailblazer, offers to the listener Lost In Society’s fears of stagnation, of swaying from the path to success and of falling into dark and addictive “Rock N’ Roll lifestyle:” “I try and try but I forget so fast/Maybe one more time it’ll be the last/Toxins, toxins, flowing through my veins/Making me go crazy, driving me insane.”

Let It Sail is rounded out by such heart string deteriorators as “I Want You Dead” and “Ben Kenney,” escapist anthems such as “Coming Back” and “Waiting Pt. II,” and a neurological case study put to Punk chords about opposite-minded people and the attraction they have to one another.

Today, Lost In Society separated itself from the crowd, from the mundane, and from the musical footprints left by its predecessors, embarking on its own voyage.  Time will tell where it leads.

Must Hear Track: “Halloween Song”

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