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SIMGE On The Scene: Levy and the Oaks, Reality Suite & Evangelia Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd April 11, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

The annual Jeff Crespi Birthday Bash took place at this weeks Happy Mondays. Each year Jeff hand selects a few of his favorite bands to share the bill, and for this year he chose a very diverse lineup to soothe our ears. A little something for everyone.

Opening it up was Evangelia, a Jersey based artist with roots in NYC. Evangelia was without full band for the night but she did say she would be back with all members in tow. Can’t wait. What an incredible voice. Reminded me slightly of Ricky Lee Jones at times, but so much more modern.

Turning it up a tad, Reality Suite brought the heavy with with some straight up rock-n-roll. Mixing in some classic vibes with modern day grooves they even brought their own fogger. Y’all know how I love smoke. Managed a couple of very cool shots thanks to that, one of which just might make it to the walls. The group is due for a new release within the next few weeks so stay tuned for that.

Closing it out with some local favorites, Levy and the Oaks serenaded Jeff and turned in their usual stellar performance as they prep for the Asbury Music Awards and the upcoming Battle of the Decades. Both of which should be great nights.

Up next week, ABird, Joseph West, Brian Erickson and Brian Hansen Band takes up the stage at the Wonder Bar.

The Choice selections from the evening:


Evangelia49_PShepherd-19 Evangelia49_PShepherd-29 Evangelia49_PShepherd-31 Evangelia49_PShepherd-41 Evangelia49_PShepherd-45 Evangelia49_PShepherd-57 Evangelia49_PShepherd-59 Evangelia49_PShepherd-66 Evangelia49_PShepherd-70 Evangelia49_PShepherd-93

Reality Suite

RealitySuite49_PShepherd-7 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-10 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-18 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-24 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-26 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-33 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-47 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-58 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-71 RealitySuite49_PShepherd-74

Levy and the Oaks

LevyOaks49_PShepherd-2 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-10 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-25 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-30 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-45 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-49 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-54 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-56 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-62 LevyOaks49_PShepherd-67

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