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Breaking Rad: Linnea Olsson Invites Us Into Her World With “All 4 U”

Allyson Dwyer November 22, 2013 Breaking Rad, Features No Comments

LOPop and Rock can come from any source, as Joanna Newsom has proven time and again with her innovative, lush harp playing. Enter Linnea Olsson, a Swedish chanteuse who composes unique, inherently hook-littered tracks wielding a cello.

Linnea Olsson’s debut album, Ah!, is set to be released January 21 on Götterfunk Productions and “All 4 U”, a warm introduction to the world of Olsson’s style and voice, is the first selection to be sampled.

Dizzy in its composition, Olsson describes the song as being “about the first state of being totally in love with someone…the feeling of when you are so smitten that you don’t understand what you’re doing, when you are totally out of control of how your body reacts when you see that person.”

“All 4 U” is a most-intruging and alluring case of controlled chaos: the plucking of cello strings that casually burst into notes; the layers of Olsson’s voice singing hushed with excitement; the subtle clapping that adds well-placed undertones to the textures.

Though these audible celebrations may be pop-perfect, the moment that bests captures that newly-birthed love discussed is the cello solo that comes in mid-way through. It’s a moment of heightened, uncovered, unashamed love. It feels private, but it isn’t. It’s shared with the listener, and spoken by her cello.

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing a new thing such as love, or a song that gives you a gift just as heart warming.

Listen to “All 4 U” below and stay tuned for more on Linnea Olsson.

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