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Listen: Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show Shares “Tin Laurels” // Playing Knitting Factory 7/16

Nate Voss June 23, 2017 News No Comments

Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show

If you’re a fan of concept bands with strong visual components à la Coheed & Cambria, look no further than NYC-based sci-fi punks Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show.

Born out of a nightmare had by Deschain (lead vox, guitar), the project is currently readying to release the second EP in a planned trilogy, Catherine, which will come with a companion chapbook. The EP, the story of which is detailed below, is led by single “Tin Laurels” wherein Deschain sets up the world and artfully paints from a sonic palette that features dark, heavy, eclectic rock styles.

Stream Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show’s “Tin Laurels” and be sure to catch them on July 16th at the Knitting Factory.

Catherine is a young girl in 1945, just out of high school, who moves to Detroit to become a stage actress. Shortly after she arrives, the United States’ involvement in WWII comes to a sudden end when a chemical attack hits California, killing millions and causing the US to divert all resources to containing the outbreak of a deadly disease. The rest of the country soon falls into economic ruin, and Catherine’s dreams are put on hold.

While the rest of the city starves, Catherine makes routine daily trips to obtain a shipment of fresh food from her father, who owns a farm in Lansing. Eventually a group of soldiers discovers the shipment, and cuts off her supply to her food source.

Later, they attempt to accost Catherine in a bar, but are stopped by a strange man. Catherine learns that this man is a revolutionary who has been trying to take control of the city and rebuild it with him as its leader. She does not trust this man, but realizes he may be her only way to survive, so she leaves with him.

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