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Listen: FADES Showcases A Soaring Alt-Rock Sound With “Breaking Through The Walls”

Nate Voss February 26, 2016 News No Comments


A lot of submissions roll through the Speak Into My Good Eye inbox, and a lot of those submissions typically come with the tag, “RIYL: Queens of the Stone Age.” Now, here’s the thing, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the band in question really has no business making that claim as, for some reason, the QOTSA vibe has become a catch-all desired sound as opposed to what’s actually coming across.

With that said, relatively newly minted alt-rock quintet FADES, named in part for the Queens’ cut “In The Fade,” lands as the one exception to the 99/100 distinction. Started primarily as the solo project of Joshua Woo (vocals/guitar) the group fleshed out after finding a live dynamic with Alessandro Melchior (guitar/keys), Lucas Mendes (lead guitar), James Dibble (bass) and Keir Adamson (drums) in the fold.

FADES will hit early 2016 hard out of the gate with a self-titled EP set to drop on March 11th. The EP’s lead single, “Breaking Through The Walls,” is a buoyant alt-rock number reminiscent of QOTSA’s poppier leanings à la “Little Sister,” with Woo’s domineering, smooth vocal in stride with Josh Homme’s seductive range. Tightly wound with plenty of dynamic elements pouring out at the seams, “Breaking Through The Walls” should help to do exactly that for FADES as they move forward.

Stream the latest from FADES below and look for the EP out March 11th via self release.

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