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Photo Credit: Ben Ward

Sometimes we might lose sight of where we are going and what is important in life. Indie rock band Gleemer shares their take on this in their new single “Down Through.” This track expresses acknowledgment of where you are in life, how you got there and the importance acceptance, while the familiar vocals of Corey Coffman remind us of the simple fact that in the end “you’re alive and that’s all.”

This heavy and introspective subject matter is accompanied by somber yet bright instrumentation. The song introduces sweet and gentle guitars which slowly build up reverb, something that Gleemer’s collaborator Will Yip is known for. Yip’s contributions to this track can also be heard through the powerful drums and full atmospheric sound that collects as the song progresses, something that works well with the purpose of this track.

Gleemer hails from Fort Worth, CO and is set to release their new album, Down Through, on May 8th via Other People Records (pre-order). You can listen to the title track below.

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