Listen: Little Kid – “Thief on the Cross”

Brendan Short April 24, 2020 News No Comments

Little Kid

Who knew that distortion-heavy keyboards and guitar licks that are vaguely banjo-reminiscent would pair together so well? Indie group Little Kid sure did and blends them all in a song that analogizes a biblical tale to the current music industry reality.

“Thief on the Cross” takes the palpable jealousy felt when other bands see unworldly ascension and relates that to the story of the thief on the cross next to Jesus asking for favors.

I know our time will come, but could you slip them our demo?

The track starts off simply with stormy distorted keyboards and noodling guitar pull-offs. From there it gains momentum with each chorus until it culminates, and the guitars flow in waves while honky-tonk tack-pianos dance over the soundscape. It leaves you with the rhythm fading into intentional disarray, much the angst felt at the end of Sgt. Pepper’s “A Day in the Life.”

Stream Little Kid’s “Thief on the Cross” below. and keep your eye out for more from their upcoming album Transfiguration Highway, due out soon via Solitaire Recordings.

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