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Listen: Makeunder Bursts Out With The Sprawling “Great Headless Blank”

Brielle Schiavone May 1, 2015 News No Comments


Multi-talented Oakland-based artist Hamilton Ulmer works are informed by his past, but not beholden to it. His musical project, Makeunder, makes beautiful chamber art-pop tapestries that move and breathe with dynamic shifts and swells.

Ulmer’s first EP, Radiate, Satellite, was recorded at his childhood home on his laptop’s internal microphone while his father recovered from chemotherapy. Tragically, his father succumbed to the cancer and accelerated Ulmer’s young adult life into a range of real world issues including financial and emotional instability.

The hugeness of Makeunder’s all encompassing sound seeks to distract attention from the pains at the heart of each song, while also owning those experiences and trumping up the narratives to be more in line with those of great American fiction writers.

Emboldened, Ulmer is now readying a new EP, Great Headless Blank, set for release in July. The album’s title track is an exuberant, polyrhythm backed adventurous foray into orchestral-pop as works through struggling and waiting through impossible times.

All in all, the track is a tremendous and exciting introduction to the world of Makeunder and the stories waiting to be shared wherein. Somebody should get David Byrne on the phone.

Stream “Great Headless Blank” below and look for more from Makeunder soon.

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