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Listen: Mittenfields Evoke The Best Of 90s Indie-Rock With “We’ve Become Numbers”

Alexus Davis April 28, 2015 News No Comments


Washington D.C-based band Mittenfields rallying guitar variations, strong bass riffs and unique vocals ups the ante on traditional indie rock.

Mittenfields is vocalist Dave Mann, drummer Brian Moran and a trio of guitarists: Sam Sherwood, Michael Ball and Donald Seale. Their new single, “We’ve Become Numbers” can be found on their upcoming album, Optimists, which is set to be released on April 28th (AKA today).

There is an undeniable rock persuasion, relegating its noise-pop flare- a guard-rail, guiding its wild potential to a comfortable familiarity. The percussion is neat and precise, while rhythm guitar winds. Where Mittenfields seems to shine is in its vocals. The warbly (albeit persistent) vocals echo, pull, and shout out into the conceivable abyss.

Quality pairs well in the technique- “We’ve Become Numbers” does not pretend to be what it is not; it blends the often less-tangible sonic elements of shoegaze and noisepop into full, well-measured meter.

Mittenfields is a case-study in 90s-style homage. The bridge in “We’ve Become Numbers” gilded by echo and siren-like distortion, right before returning to its rocky hook, suddenly mellowed by acoustic pluckings until fade. This is considerably the most exciting part of the track, its repetition nuanced with its minutia.

Mittenfields’ “We’ve Become Numbers” is a tasteful reverie, a thoughtful mix between Talking Heads and Smashing Pumpkins- frequently calling upon the sonic musings of Built to Spill and The Pixies.

While some of “We’ve Become Numbers” is predictable, its cadence remains comfortable- if we were to see a resurgence of 90s trends in indie-rock, Mittenfields is precisely where we should start.

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