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Listen: Modern Crowds Announce Debut LP + Share The Thunderous “I Don’t Mind”

Juliana Todeschi June 14, 2017 News No Comments

Modern Crowds

Photo Credit: Cody Cutter

If you thought there would be a gap between NJ-based rockers Modern Crowds dropping their latest video “Green Light” and more material, well, you were wrong!

The band just announced their debut, self-titled full-length with single “I Don’t Mind” leading the charge. The track builds with intensity as an ominous acoustic guitar line winds up to an explosive chorus.

“We started writing ‘I Don’t Mind’ back in June of last year,” shares Modern Crowds. “It was the first song off of the new record that we came up with and demoed. It’s also the first song that we started with when we began tracking our self-titled LP with Paul Ritchie in September 2016. The song is significant in that while it’s a straight forward rock song, it’s also the first time we began incorporating new instruments such as synthesizers, sitar, and the Nashville style of guitar tuning.

Lyrically, the song is admittedly kind of vague but it presents two different mindsets. The first part, which repeats at the end, is about feeling apathetic and passive about life ‘Delay, skipping by.’ The second part, the louder more aggressive part, reflects a more aware, worrying and borderline paranoid mindset ‘But wait, is it right?’ The lyrics came out all at once as a kind of stream of consciousness one day, and I ended up just going with the original lyrics I jotted down. They seemed nonsensical at the time, but I think the dichotomy of the two parts provides the song with some emotional significance.”

If the lead single off of their new album is any indication (it is), Modern Crowds are ready to make a big splash. Stream “I Don’t Mind” below and pre-order the album here out July 28th.

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