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Listen: Mother Goose Deliver Single “The Rain” // Debut EP Out April 29th

Ryan McGrath April 21, 2016 News No Comments

Mother Goose

(Album Artwork by: Joey Desantis)

Not too long after the final days of the Monmouth County-based pop-punk outlet, On Your Marks, guitarist Philip McGarry teamed up with bassist Freddie Koechlin, drummer, Matt Gooney and Corrina, Corrina‘s, Kyle Donovan to form a new passion project titled under the moniker, Mother Goose. Unveiling their premiere single, “Seven Months,” back in February, we were introduced to an enticing new breed of enthusiastic rock n’ roll to once again come from the gritty swamps of New Jersey.

This week, the band returns to deliver their latest single, “The Rain,” in support of their debut EP, Pity Party. Derived from unique influences ranging from; Saves The Day, Say Anything and Microwave — to Hoizer and The Rolling Stones, Mother Goose teaches their audience how to develop a fine appreciation for contemporary rock n’ roll through an interesting approach that is inspired by their emotive, pop-punk upbringing.

“The Rain” is a melancholy number that treads through the idea of trading a monotonous life filled with repetition and deprecating vices for the brighter pastures. Falling victim to the clutches of self-loathing and despair (“You won’t find sunshine, ‘cause I am clouds, and I am rain.”), we often find solace within the thought of perusing a change of scenery (“So I’m gonna pack my bags, and move sunny California where nobody knows my name. Disappear without a trace.”). Whether or we or not we finally find our place in this world, “The Rain,” is an ode to those dark days, and a sense of longing for the sun to break through the clouds.

Pity Party was mixed and recorded at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia by Sorority Noise frontman and guitarist, Cameron Boucher — who also takes on additional bass-playing duties on this track. The record was mastered by Stephen Kellner at his studio in Westwood, NJ.

After taking a peek at the album art for this forthcoming EP — which colorfully features a college dorm party where each band member is depicted as cartoon geese, it’s safe to say that the tales that are told through McGarry’s charismatic words might be sung a little bit differently that your mother and father’s typical ol’ nursery rhymes.

Check out “The Rain” below as well as the band’s premiere single, “Seven Months,” on their Bandcamp page. Pity Party will be released on April 29.

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