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Photo Credit: Luke Orlando

“Ooh that’s nice” is the appropriate response to first hearing Pottery‘s new single “Hot Like Jungle,” and just so happens to be a line in the song’s chorus (which will now be stuck in my head for a good while).

The lyrics’ tongue-in-cheek Springsteen theme comes from the summer that drummer Paul Jacobs spent working construction. This is a track where the tempo is just as deliberate as those blue-collar lyrics, and this sort of simplicity is crucial to the message. It was written as a love song for drummer Paul’s girlfriend, and the band jests that they picture their singer, Austin Boylan, belting these lyrics from atop a mountain out to a girl who’s yelling back.

Pottery draws from multiple genres to deliver this song’s romantic declarations. The prevalent “wet” sounding guitars give away the band’s surf rock tone, while Boylan’s deep pitch reminds us of 1980’s post-punk.

Named after one of the band’s inside jokes, their new album Welcome to Bobby’s Motel releases June 26th via Partisan Records. In the meantime, you can watch the new music video for “Hot Like Jungle” below.

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