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Listen: Ships Have Sailed Shares An Acoustic Take Of “Out Of Time”

Nate Voss May 11, 2016 News No Comments

Ships Have Sailed

Plenty of bands with infusions of pop or electro stylings catch heat for their “unnatural” sounds. In the case of the band Ships Have Sailed, frontman Will Carpenter took it upon himself to indulge his need to create and be challenged by reverse engineering some of the band’s most famous songs.

The result is the Whispers EP, out May 13th. Carpenter shares:

“The Whispers EP was conceived when my little sister Elle asked me to perform an acoustic version of this song ‘Out of Time’ at her wedding last year. I was touched by her request and set about stripping down what was originally a very electronic production of a song about undying love to it’s raw form in order to perform it solo on a stage with just a guitar.

After the performance, my sister said: ‘you know, that song sounds amazing acoustic…you should think about recording it’ – and just like that, the idea for Whispers was born.”

And it’s that rearrangement, “Out of Time,” that we’re featuring below. On the track, Ships Have Sailed find a new delicate emotional depth with an understated but powerful acoustic guitar/ethereal harmonies approach.

Stream “Out of Time” and look for more from Ships Have Sailed here.

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