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Watch: The Bats Pajamas Break Shit In The Video For Noise Rock Single “TV Sheets”

Rhonette Smith June 5, 2015 News No Comments

The Bats Pajamas

The Bats Pajamas hails from Toronto, Canada and brings a heavy garage rock sound. Imagine Sex-Bob-Omb from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and you’ll have this band in a nutshell. The group has released two EPs since its formation in 2012.

The Bats Pajamas now share their debut LP, No Hello, which features the track “TV Sheets,” the video for which features almost two minutes of punk-rock TV bashing. Honestly, the video is exactly the feeling the song gives you when you hear it.

All of the punk teen angst is brought to the forefront with “TV Sheets” and brings you back to the roots of garage, grunge, and punk.

No Hello was released in May 2015 via Fleeting Youth Records, a label focused on catering to the rock, punk, and grunge sounds. Watch The Bats Pajamas’ video for “TV Sheets” below and pick up the LP here.

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