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Listen: Todavia Shares The Haunting Dream-Pop Track “Fix Myself”

Mike Mehalick January 11, 2017 News No Comments


As anybody who has ever flown knows, you’re not to help someone else with their oxygen mask until you have yours secured. That’s an all too easy analogy to draw when considering the repeated chorus/mantra of the latest single, “Fix Myself,” from LA-based dream-pop project Todavia, so let’s dive further.

Taking full ownership of writing, playing and producing, Todavia draws you into a world of swirling, hazy, echoing atmospherics, establishing a particular intimacy. The aural aesthetic envelopes you, but there’s something unsettling about it.

“I can’t fix you, ’til I fix myself,” shares Todavia’s Rhyan Riesgo, unfolding multiple tragic layers in the process. Without putting too fine a point on it, there’s a strange guilt that can be thrust upon or developed within when ultimately deciding to explore and strengthen one’s sense of self. It’s one of the braver choices one can make, with countless people opting for the comfort of not being alone no matter what. I’m sure there’s a more specific context to Todavia’s examination here, but I leave that to the artist to expound on here.

Stream Todavia’s “Fix Myself” below and look for the upcoming full-length, Shyness, out soon.

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