Listen: Zelma Stone – “We’re All Gonna Die”

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Zelma Stone

Photo Credit: Nikki Pratchios

Nobody handles grief in the same way, but everyone understands that there are lessons to be drawn from those points in your life. When she was 14, Chloe Zelma Studebaker (AKA Zelma Stone) channeled her grief into songwriting which began the process of creating Zelma Stone’s upcoming EP Dreamland.

Studebaker is not trying to beat around any bushes and neither is her song “We’re All Gonna Die”, which derives self-realizations from hard truths. This track is driven by Studebaker’s vocals that groove both gently and powerfully while synths, emphatic beats, and a steady bassline all create a spacious aura for fuzzy yet sharp guitars to cut through.

This Zelma Stone track uses conversational style lyrics to discuss the urgency in life and the abandonment of hesitance. Studebaker talks of coming to terms with life, tackling your fears head-on and letting yourself heal.

Reminiscent of the band’s influences (Big Thief, Amen Dunes, and (Sandy) Alex G) “We’re All Gonna Die” is available to stream below. You can pre-order Dreamland here.

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