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Live Review: Big D and the Kids Table, Teenage Halloween, Counterpunch, Doped Up Dollies & Castle Black Played Brighton Bar

Josh Hershkovitz April 26, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Big D and the Kids Table

All Photos Credited: Fake Famous Photography

Anyone who has ever opened up for one of their favorite bands can tell you how excited they are the days, weeks or even months leading up to the show. Hell, I’ve opened up for most of my favorite bands on the planet (some of them multiple times) and yet anytime I see our name on a flyer with one of my idols, I get all giddy.

What they don’t tell you, is a lot of the time the bands you’re all excited to open for – well, they don’t even know who you are. They don’t watch your set, they don’t interact and they definitely don’t know your names.

Big D and the Kids Table is the total opposite of the above. Backyard Superheroes has opened for them twice in the past, but we couldn’t get on this show. Bruce and I ended up at the show and we were immediately recognized – and not just by one member of the band. It was an awesome feeling seeing one of your favorite bands and having them say hi to you by your name and even give you a shout out on stage!

Alright – I’ll take a break from the whole fanboy thing and talk about the show for a bit.

I got there early enough to catch the openers, one of which I had never seen. Castle Black was an interesting addition to the lineup and unfortunately I only saw a few of their songs. I was treated to some gritty, aggressive female vocals. These guys came down from Brooklyn for this show, so check them out next time they come to your area.

Next up was Teenage Halloween, a band I’ve seen 5-6 times at this point and they continue to improve on their live show. They had an impressive crowd for a local band, constantly seeing their fans in the audience singing along to their music. I’ve written about this monster of a group in the past – 9 members at this point (I think…kinda lost count). Folk punk fit in pretty well with the rest of the show and everyone stuck around after their set – signs of a good band.

DupD Brighton Bar (10)

The Doped Up Dollies – where the hell do I start? With Big D and the Kids Table members backing your sound, you know there is going to be some upbeat and catchy tunes headed your way. If you’re a Big D fan, chances are you’ve heard the ‘DupD’ on past albums such as “Stroll” and know what you’re in for – music that makes you want to skank while somehow reminding you of playing hopscotch on the sidewalk outside your parents house. It’s tough to give these girls a genre, but whatever it is – I love it. I got to hang out with them after the show to take some fun promo shots (and of course a signed set list) and their personalities on stage were identical to off stage. Tons of fun, great energy and straight talent.

Not too shabby for their second show ever, don’t ya think?

I won’t lie – I went to this show not having any idea who Counterpunch was or what they sounded like. Usually, I check out supporting acts online before shows, but it slipped my mind. These guys are a high energy skatepunk band from Chicago and put on one hell of a show. Another band added to my personal music library for sure! Trading vocals between the guitarist and bassist was a nice touch and watching them jump around on stage just kept the momentum of the night going.

Unfortunately, Counterpunch had to bail out on tour early due to an unforeseen family emergency, but I see them getting back on their feet and when they do, I’ll go out of my way to catch one of their shows again.

Alright, I know I promised to stop the fanboying, but come on…I love these guys. I’m always looking forward to announcements from Big D and the Kids Table about leaving Boston to come down to NJ so I can get up to the front row and take it all in. Great horn lines, driven rhythms and the man himself, Dave McWane jumping around on stage. Calling what he does on stage ‘singing’ doesn’t do him justice. Constantly miming out the lyrics, throwing the mic in the crowd’s face, pouring a beer all over himself and throwing so much emotion into his vocals makes it more of a performance than anything else.

We got to share the stage with these guys at Skanksgiving 2013 as well as Skate and Surf 2015, including a quick appearance of Dave jumping on stage to sing during our cover of Operation Ivy’s ‘Knowledge.’ Easily one of my favorite live acts and their albums are in constant rotation daily.

I wish these guys (and the gals of The Doped Up Dollies, of course) the best of luck on tour and I’m hoping we don’t have to wait as long to catch up again.

BigD Brighton Bar (46)

BigD Brighton Bar (19)

BigD Brighton Bar (41)

BigD Brighton Bar (42)

DopedUpDolliesPromo (13)

BigD Brighton Bar (17)

BigD Brighton Bar (31)

BigD Brighton Bar (50)

CounterPunch BrightonBar (3)

CounterPunch BrightonBar (10)

CounterPunch BrightonBar (13)

DopedUpDolliesPromo (4)

DopedUpDolliesPromo (7)

DopedUpDolliesPromo (10)

DupD Brighton Bar (6)

DupD Brighton Bar (16)

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