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Live Review: Coheed and Cambria, Glassjaw and Thank You Scientist Played The Stone Pony

Jennifer Lopes October 15, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Glassjaw and Coheed and Cambria shared the stage together at the Stone Pony this past Sunday and it was the wet dream of every kid currently in their 20’s-30’s. Not only this, but it was pretty much the trending topic on my facebook newsfeed for the week. You can tell people were stoked about this show. Glassjaw rarely comes out of hiding and Coheed is just…I mean, it’s Coheed and Cambria! Mind-blowing music.

Upon arrival, I got my daily exercise by walking the perimeter of the venue in attempts to find the end of the line to get in. However, the Stone Pony staff seemed to be more prepared to handle the large quantity of people with intervals of writstband-ing and ID checking which made the time only like 10 minutes. I also noticed that they had reorganized and feng shuied the layout inside the grounds for the Summer Stage. They moved the bathrooms to a more convenient area (by the bar) and did away with the blocked off bar section to alleviate a ton of space for the crowd. So much better.

And there we all stood, patiently, eyes fixed on the stage while the stage crew performed their soundchecks until Glassjaw went on. The crowd roared as GJ dove head first into the heavy track, “You Think You’re Fucking John Lennon.” Although this live version didn’t have that same punch it usually has…I found this a constant theme to most of their other songs as well. Daryl waltzed about the stage like a drunken prophet; preaching his words, negating some lines and parts. GJ’s loyal and passionate fans still went crazy for every song, like “Jesus Glue,” “Lovebites and Razorlines,” and “Pretty Lush” reciting the lines as if they were taken out of their own diary. I noticed some of the songs were slowed down, but there was definitely no slack for the music

. Guitarist, Justin Beck, was on point with all his intricate unique riffs. Drummer, Chad Hasty, and bassist, Travis Sykes, both from Glass Could (irony?) tore it up and sounded great with the existing members. Travis totally nailed the drums, which is an essential and notable part of Glassjaw’s sound. After Glassjaw gracefully walked off the stage, Daryl waving “bye, bye,” I heard a group of people say, “Glassjaw fans out” as they all vacated the premises.

Over the course of a half hour, the entire crowd tripled in size and was ready for the music gods themselves. Coheed and Cambria came out to an intro of noises, dim lights, and smoke. In the darkness, you could see Sanchez’s giant mass of hair growing nearer to consume the mic until they started it off with a song off their new record, “Islands.”

They previewed more of the new record throughout the night. In addition to the newbie’s, they played a few songs I adore off their first album like “Junesong Provision,” “33,” and “Devil In Jersey City.” You know us Jersey kids love when a band plays a song where our state is mentioned… I give these dudes major credit, they truly bring it and rock out for their fans. T

hey give a phenomenal, mind-blowing, Oscar-worthy performance; Sanchez was zoomed around like a werewolf in the night, banging his head while his hand flies chaotically about the guitar- bending, pulling, tapping, and pinching every harmonic making his guitar squeal like a pig. Cooper (bass) whipped and tossed his bass, Stever (guitar) soloing into the crowd at times, and Eppard (drums) smashing and thrashing wildly with his mouth open and eyes widened in excitement.

These guys are musical geniuses topped with Sanchez’s soft toned voice that float over these complex riffs. Each song they played felt like I was embarking on an epic journey, especially in “No World For Tomorrow” and “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3.” I wasn’t sure if I was ready to spring into battle, fight for my life, or stand out on the edge of the world looking out at the sun. And it was everything that was happening at that moment- the music, the spectacular lighting (hats off to their awesomely talented light guy), the crowd singing along to every word, and the dude standing next to me with some sort of wooden futuristic horned staff/sword thing which made me wonder how the hell he snuck it into the venue…

After playing a ridiculous set, they came back on for an encore. They played “Ten Speed” and the monstrous and colossal, “Welcome Home.” Of course “Welcome Home” came included with Sanchez ripping on a double neck white Gibson SG. He did not merely slay on this double neck SG, but he soloed on that thing with his teeth.

Like. Come on. That was just one of the most insane songs I’ve ever seen live. These guys never disappoint.

All photos by Mike Petzinger.

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