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Live Review: SALES Rocked A Sold Out Baby’s All Right

Juliana Todeschi May 4, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments


This past Saturday, SALES played to a sold out crowd at Baby’s All Right. Leapling and Japanese Breakfast opened the night, but SALES took the cake (pun intended because it was my birthday) for best band of the evening.

I heard about SALES a little over two years ago and listened to the SALES EP tirelessly; there was something refreshing about their sound that I quickly fell for. They have this indie take on surf-pop and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you they came from somewhere other than Brooklyn. And let me tell ya, they have a loyal and dedicated following in Brooklyn.

I was curious about how they would arrange their live show, as the band, on paper, is comprised of Lauren Morgan who sings vocals, and Jordan Shih. Much to my surprise, it was just the two of them, each holding a guitar, with production cued by Shih. Morgan plays rhythm on her instrument, acting more like a bass player than a lead guitarist, adding another level of intrigue to their sound.

I also ponder the lyrical content; is Morgan the protagonist of the songs singing lyrics of mysterious woman named Ivy, or wearing lipstick outside the movies? We don’t often enough hear a queer perspective coming from a woman in the music scene. Regardless, I love each and every song by SALES. They definitely own their aesthetic.

The SALES LP just dropped, and so the set was filled with new tunes, but old favorites from the EP like “Renee,” “Getting It On” and “Chinese New Year” had the crowd happily bopping and swaying around. Their just-shy-of-an-hour set felt far too short. Luckily they’ll be back for a Rough Trade performance June 9th!

Check their website to see if they’re headed to a city near you and give the new LP a listen below.










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