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Live Review: The 1975 At The Sands Bethlehem w/ Colouring + Pale Waves

Kim Casper May 22, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

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It was a packed house on Friday night at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with Colouring and Pale Waves opening up for The 1975. The Colouring is an electronic pop band from London. Their music is very uplifting, especially the single, “Heathen.” It’s about believing in love.

Pale Waves is a new band that definitely has potential in the music industry. They have a pop sound with an electronic vibe, almost like the band the Chvrches. If you haven’t checked out the band, their song “There’s a Honey” is the best one of the year. You must take a listen to their thumping percussion and vocals of frontwoman Heather Baron. You won’t end up disappointed! Fans described the opening bands as “Amazing!” I would have to agree since I enjoyed their music for the first time.

The 1975 English pop rock band from Manchester headlined the show at the Sands on Friday, May 12, 2017. The band formed when they were in high school. Matt Healy was initially the drummer then took over vocals. The name 1975 was inspired by scribblings found on the back page of a poetry book that stated 1 June, The 1975 (Wikipedia). The band released their first EP titled Facedown in August 2012. The 1975 had their music played on several radio stations and performed many festivals across the US.

I saw them last year for the first time at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. Their performance was upbeat because the fans are able to dance along to the music. I went home thinking, “I will definitely give these guys a listen again.” I immediately bought their self-titled album with my favorite song being “The City” because of the cheerful tune and sound of heavy drums. It’s definitely a song that everyone can sing along to.

Another catchy song is “Chocolate” which is very popular. As I began to listen to each song on the album I began to realize how much I liked the band and their style of music. They have a retro-1980’s sound which is why I like their distinctive style.

When I saw The 1975 for the second time at the Sands in Bethlehem, I looked around the room and was amazed at the whole crowd dancing along to their songs. It brought back joyful memories from Firefly Music Festival. This time I was able to photograph the band from the photo pit rather than take a listen from the audience. Matt Healy has an incredible voice and is always making sure the fans are having a good time. He makes an announcement during the show and tells his fans to put down their cell phones for just one song. Whether you are seeing these guys for the first time or over again you will be sure to have a good time!

The 1975 recently announced a new album titled, Music for Cars, which should be released sometime in 2018. This band plans to continue their tour in Canada this Spring and will be playing shows all over the US. Please check out their website the1975.com for upcoming tour dates.

Pale Waves

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The 1975

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