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Lo-Fi Dream-Pop Outfit BOYS Share The Winter Shirking “Nice Guys”

Mike Mehalick February 17, 2015 News No Comments


Wistful introspection along summery coastal shores has always been the object of a unique sort of outward production from UK bands. The most famous example of the juxtaposition employed in presenting the nostalgia in missed opportunity along the sea and the sand is Pete Townshend’s masterwork with The Who, Quadrophenia.

Less anthemic, but in the same vein, is the latest release from rising West London dream-pop outfit BOYS who now share their universally known lament of “Nice Guys” and their finishing last. As the band’s Ross Pearce shares:

“The song is about getting to know and like a girl over a period of time, but for them to choose someone else over you.”

The jangly, lo-fi affair is an accurate aural representation of that tail-between-your-legs feeling of despair in rejection. I do not know this feeling personally, obviously, I’m speaking on behalf of a friend well versed in the subject.

Stream BOYS’ “Nice Guys” below and look for more from the band in 2015.

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