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SIMGE On The Scene: LVL UP, Dollys & Secret Mountain Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd September 8, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

I could not pass up a chance for a mid-week show at The Saint when Dollys was on the bill. It has been a while since I caught up with the trio and since they are touring over the next month and will not be back in town until the end part of October, now was the perfect time. Plus I missed my stent on Monday night due to the holiday festivities so I was aching for a show. AND, summer is over. Local summer has begun. Parking returns to an almost normal state, probably have another three weeks or so before it gets back to manageable on the weekends, so let the parties resume. 

Also on the bill fresh off their new release, LVL UP drew a nice crowd, putting about half the capacity in. Right nice for a Wednesday night. The NY quartet is also embarking on an extensive road trip that will take all across the country over the next two months. Cheers fellas, enjoy. 

Secret Mountain kicked off the night for us. Loving their Bio, part of it states “Currently banned from playing professional bingo in 49 out of 50 states.” Bummer indeed. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Secret Mountain

secretmountain97_pshepherd-7 secretmountain97_pshepherd-9 secretmountain97_pshepherd-10 secretmountain97_pshepherd-13 secretmountain97_pshepherd-17 secretmountain97_pshepherd-20 secretmountain97_pshepherd-27 secretmountain97_pshepherd-31 secretmountain97_pshepherd


dollys97_pshepherd-3 dollys97_pshepherd-11 dollys97_pshepherd-20 dollys97_pshepherd-39 dollys97_pshepherd-53 dollys97_pshepherd-68 dollys97_pshepherd-70 dollys97_pshepherd-86 dollys97_pshepherd-118


lvlup97_pshepherd-9 lvlup97_pshepherd-10 lvlup97_pshepherd-14 lvlup97_pshepherd-29 lvlup97_pshepherd-35 lvlup97_pshepherd-38 lvlup97_pshepherd-48 lvlup97_pshepherd-59 lvlup97_pshepherd-68

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