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SIMGE On The Scene: Lyons, Morgan Freemasons, & Common Wealth Played Jeff Crespi’s Birthday Bash

Phil Shepherd April 10, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Bouncing back from a medical issue can be a trying experience. I have dealt with it as a caretaker and many times as an observer. The mayor of NJ music photography had a little excitement to deal with over the past few weeks, and he is now making his way back to us like the champ he is and celebrated his 53rd birthday to boot.  

Hosting his yearly party at Asbury’s Wonder Bar, Jeff Crespi chose a variety of music to share with us and it was a treat of treats to see. Local acts Lyons, The Morgan Freemasons, and Common Wealth did their thing in front of a really nice crowd, and as a added bonus we were also treated to some amazing cake, courtesy of Confections of a Rock Star.

Like all medical issues the bills come in after the fact so this one turned in to a fundraiser as well. Jeff’s page is still active so stop on by and do what you can. 

The choice selections from the evening


Lyons47_PShepherd-5 Lyons47_PShepherd-10 Lyons47_PShepherd-11 Lyons47_PShepherd-15 Lyons47_PShepherd-21 Lyons47_PShepherd-30 Lyons47_PShepherd-40 Lyons47_PShepherd-43 Lyons47_PShepherd-50 Lyons47_PShepherd-77

The Morgan Freemasons

Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-5 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-14 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-21 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-26 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-32 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-42 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-54 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-60 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-64 Morganfreemasons47_PShepherd-69


Commonwealth47_PShepherd-12 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-19 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-39 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-45 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-47 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-64 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-69 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-72 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-115 Commonwealth47_PShepherd-126

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