Mayhem Festival ’13: Listen To Interviews With Members Of Attika7, Butcher Babies, & Toothgrinder

Cory Pedalino July 29, 2013 Live, Reviews 1 Comment

Upon receiving my credential notification to Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, I was immediately super stoked. The chance to run around in the photo pit, network, enjoy and research new music, and of course, the all presence of the mighty Mastodon made for a pleasurable experience all around. Even though it was extremely hot, the day was exactly what I had hoped for.

Three interviews are attached to this article including a talk with Evan Seinfeld (Attika7, Biohazard, Oz and Spyder Jones), Butcher Babies and Wills Weller (Drummer of Toothgrinder). A behind the drums view video is also attached as well as a ton of pics to capture this awesome day.

To sit down next to Evan Seinfeld and interview him on his latest movement and resurrection into the music industry was a surreal experience. I mean, I’ve seen this dude naked several times. I grew up on Biohazard in the early 90’s, listening to mix cassette tapes with Biohazard, Tool, Ministry, Stone Temple Pilots and Anthrax. We spoke about the message of Attika7 and where he sees the project in the future. Figuring out the positive things out of negative situations and people is their main message and their main focus.

Butcher Babies stood out amongst all of the metal mania. I can’t speak enough about the music, showmanship and movement of this group. After coming off of a run with Marilyn Manson and the run through the Mayhem Festival, I expect amazing things for this group and wish them all the best in their future. Very humble, super energetic and down to earth. Self described metal fanatics/geeks (according to them) that have already made a solid name for themselves in the metal community.

Wills Weller is the man. Technical, mesmerizing and hair chicks would die for. In all seriousness, Toothgrinder is a force to be heard and all those who haven’t checked them out yet, need to. From the moment their set started and chaos ensued, people from all directions morphed over to see what their ears were hearing. I’ve had the pleasure to see them on several occasions and they never disappoint. You can find them traveling and DIY all over the Northeast.

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