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Meg Myers Releases Dark, Moody Video For “Jealous Sea”

Emily Klingman October 26, 2018 News No Comments

Meg Myers

Photo Credit: Naserin Bogado

Meg Myers has shared a dark and brooding music video for her new song “Jealous Sea.” Walking the nighttime streets of Los Angeles, the video follows Myers’ suspenseful escapades as the powers within her build to a wild release.

The video’s director, Clara Aranovich, said its visuals represent the power she sees Myers channel and unleash on stage.

“Anyone who’s seen Meg perform live can attest that she has incredible presence,” she said. “It’s as if she becomes someone or something else all together, as if she’s channeling odd forces.”

Myers adds to how the video shows other sides of who she is, saying it’s almost the opposite of her previous video, “Numb.” The original inspiration for the song however, is more personal to Myers.

“I wrote this song originally a few years ago,” she said. “I had a fiancé at the time. He was on tour. We were both struggling with jealousy, so it was kind of about both of us. Because I was either on the road or he was on the road and we were both really jealous. I definitely needed to release it.”

Myers’ sophomore album, Take Me To The Disco was released in July 2018, and she is currently on a headlining U.S. tour.

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