Modern Baseball Played a Sold Out Asbury Lanes w/ The Hotelier, Tiny Moving Parts, Sorority Noise, 6/4/14

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This review was written by Scotch LaRock and originally appeared over at CoolDad Music.

“Our songs are sing along songs.”

We like quoting the Hold Steady around here, and that was the theme last night. A sold out Asbury Lanes was littered with sweaty, all ages, pop punk, emo, indie, whatever kids scooping up t-shirts that they’re proudly wearing during homeroom even as I type this. Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, The Hotelier, and Sorority Noise took over the Lanes for a quick and to the point stop on a 17 day tour. This night blazed by like a house party in fear of the cops breaking it up or a show acknowledging that we all had to get up for something the next morning. Viva the kids!

Full disclosure: I was late. Circumstances beyond my control late. I caught The Hotelier’s last tune, “Dendron.” I am bummed. Their LP is one of my fave’s of this year so far, but I believe The Hotelier and I will meet again. I rubbed my forehead in that way you can only when you screw up. I got bumped by a kid and got a “Sorry, Mister.” Thankfully, I ran into SIMGE’s Tara at the bar. We philosophized over ginger ale about the state of the state. I told her I was excited to hear new songs from Braid and Frontier(s). Both will play NJ this summer. Tara informed me that The Hotelier’s LP is on its third pressing. Well played, Tara.

Tiny Moving Parts, who I wasn’t familiar with, tore through their set. Kids went nuts. I was lost. There were sing along songs. For those, like me, just catching up, Tiny Moving Parts remind me of Braid and Taking Back Sunday. A quick change over and a mention that Brendan of Modern Baseball had walking pneumonia and was being scratched from the starting lineup. See what I did there? Baseball reference. We made our way up one of the lanes for a better view. The kids, they know all the words; and they were packed tight like sardines in that little space right at the front of the stage. Stage dives, pogoing and maybe a little groping, too, as Modern Baseball kicked out their jams. I’m not going to argue. “The Weekend” and “Your Graduation” back to back just kill; and these are sing along songs.

This is a little incomplete. Last night was a blur. Missed stuff, missing band members, the Asbury Lanes heat, gah. Listen, like my old man used to say, try to be better next time.

Afterwards, we made our way crosstown to catch up with thee CoolDad and The Everymen at The Saint. CoolDad’s got pics and words on that. We’re just glad we got there in time to dance.

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