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Exclusive Premiere: Natalie Farrell Unveils “Exhale”

Phil Shepherd May 22, 2018 News No Comments

Natalie Farrell

There is so much disgust in the world today. I do my best to ignore all the negative statements and actions, they are just not worth my time. Yes, sometimes it is easy to get drawn in to all the crap that goes on, but all you need to do is say no. Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath, exhale and groove on a beautiful new song put out by a beautiful soul.

The first glimpse from the upcoming Natalie Farrell EP, due out June 22, is a video for “Exhale”. A most positive message delivered at the perfect time. Natalie is another one of our locals who I have not gotten to see a great deal of on stage, who is growing with the music scene in Asbury Park. One of the things I always take notice of is how together all the musicians are in town and that they all support each other. Am I sounding like a broken record? It really is a great thing to behold, especially as an outsider looking in, and I actually feel proud knowing that there is still a large contingent of people that stick together like this. Natalie enlisted some of those local musicians as well as her friends for the video, a good call since they were also the motivating force behind her composing the song. Exhale was Produced and directed by Andrea Morgan, who just happens to to some amazing work behind the kit as well!

There is so much to feel good about in this video, seeing all the smiling faces just chillin’ out and having a good time is so peaceful. Natalie’s mesmerizing voice puts you in that bonfire on the beach, at sunset, an ocean breeze hitting your face and a cooler of beverage at your side kind of mood.


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