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NEW VIDEO: “Beam Me Up” by Cazzette

Chris Rotolo November 7, 2012 News, SIMGEssentials 1 Comment

What would happen if unknown, unseen, creatures from the cosmos descended upon Earth and simply hovered, waiting for the right moment to make first contact?  How would we would react?  Fearfully?  With hostility or bravery?  Those inquiries are a little heavy for the latest video distributed by Swedish DJ duo Cazzette for their dance club dismantling “Beam Me Up,” which explores that idea in a comical fashion with a mockumentary and payment of homage to the Sci-Fi thriller District 9, as alien crafts resembling humongous speakers hover about a city spilling music into the streets…”The dancing started two days later,” reports a concerned government official.  However, one series of dialogue from a dreadlocked bypasser truly captures the message behind this production.

“I see it as a new religion.  Instead of cross we have the Cazzette.  It’s all one love.”

And that’s what it’s all about.  View the SIMGEssential below.

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