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NEW VIDEO: “Losing All The Way” by Janet LaBelle

Chris Rotolo October 22, 2012 News No Comments

Being a front-woman is no easy post to hold.  You are the one who resides in the spotlight, whose every move and piece of music is scrutinized by show goers and penholders alike.  You are relied upon to set the tone and receive backlash when you can’t hoist the bar high enough…try doing it all on quad skates.

New York City’s Janet LaBelle hopped across the Jersey state line to the Florham Park Rink, strapped on her best retro roller derby garb to cut her latest musical picture show for “Losing All The Way,” a captivating Pop-Rock composition showcasing the songstress’ seductive vocal styling, which calls to mind the likes of Jersey Shore-native April Smith.

Check out the video below and be sure to see Labelle live when she plays the Cake Shop on November 29th.

NOTE: The tremendous core strength it takes to remain still on a pair of skates for an entire music video shoot is incredible and did not go unnoticed by this writer.  Well done Janet.

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