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NO ICE Returns With Multi-Tiered Video For “We Get High Together”

Juliana Todeschi February 15, 2018 News No Comments


Photo Credit: Lena @ 21 Grams

Over the years, Brooklyn-based rockers NO ICE have established themselves as one of the best purveyors of blended power-pop and soul in their home borough. Fronted by Jamie Frey, the band also serves as an outlet for his love of film as evidenced in the previously SIMGE featured, Godard-inspired video for “Eat This Heart (Summer Version).”

That track featured on NO ICE’s debut LP, Come On Feel The NO ICE, along with “We Get High Together,” which the band now shares an ambitious new video project for. Serving as a sort of bookend to the Come On Feel The NO ICE era as Frey & Co. prep a new record, the video is an intimate, surreal portrait of time spent watching classic movies with some green and your sweetheart.

“This project was a collaboration with our good friend Joe Wakeman, who plays in the Brooklyn band Toyzanne, but is also an accomplished Auteur filmmaker,” shares Frey. “I loved his full-length film, They Read By Night. He loved our song “We Get High Together”, and he came up with the concept of his parents taking medicinal marijuana and watching Classic Movies starring nice. Chaplin is one of my great heroes and I had always wanted to do a tribute to him, and Joe came up with the insane Swashbuckler film for Jesse, Gwynn and Sam and the surreal, boring Cowboy film for Sean and Jordan.

The song itself is a tribute to the Dixie Cups’ ‘Chapel Of Love,’ which was the second song I remember hearing, The Ronettes’ version was on a tape my father had, after ‘Be My Baby’ that he would play to put me to bed when I was a baby. This music must be my core influence, hearing it is my first memory. Of course, I had to subvert this nice song about the euphoric sensation that precedes being wed by writing a song about convincing your stoned friend to go out with you.”

Watch NO ICE in “We Get High Together” and watch the three short films featured in the video below.

WE GET HIGH TOGETHER || NO ICE from Joe Wakeman on Vimeo.

A Vernal Circumstance from Joe Wakeman on Vimeo.

The Sins of the Mad Lieutenant from Joe Wakeman on Vimeo.

Bindle Stiff from Joe Wakeman on Vimeo.

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