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Premiere: Living Phantoms Unveil “Pick Up The Pieces”

David Haynes April 4, 2019 News No Comments

Living Phantoms

Producers often have the best ears. They know exactly how to take the vision in their mind and make something truly spectacular. Since 2003, Will Benoit has been making records, writing songs, and crafting lush, atmospheric textures in the Northeast. He is a founding member of Massachusetts shoegaze band Constants, ambient/heavy band SOM, and has produced a number of records at his solar-powered studio Radar Recordings.

Now, Benoit creates beautiful and groovy electronic compositions under the moniker Living Phantoms. His new record The Fall Redux is out tomorrow, April 5, 2019. Speak Into My Good Eye is pleased to premiere “Pick Up The Pieces.”

It’s rare that songs can truly transport us somewhere else. Benoit has managed to create an ode to escapism. “Pick Up The Pieces” sounds otherworldly in its beauty, complexity, and openness. Complete with 80s synth sounds and bright drum samples, the song offers us a testament to Benoit’s dedication to sonic perfection. When I immerse myself in this song with headphones on, I can hear the hours that he must have spent hunched over keyboards and drum machines tinkering with knobs, switches, and faders. I still don’t think everything has been revealed to me after multiple listens. “Pick Up The Pieces” is a four-and-a-half minute portal to some ancient god’s dream chamber. Though the gods have all died, Benoit alone is keeping their strange, ethereal visions alive.

The Fall Redux will feature original and instrumental versions of each song. Additionally, you can purchase The Fall Redux in combo with SOM’s The Fall for a conveniently low price. Digital and physical pre-orders are available here.

And now, enjoy “Pick Up The Pieces” by Living Phantoms:

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