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Premiere: Max Black’s New Single “Scary” Is A Lonely Dreamscape

David Haynes June 25, 2019 News No Comments

Hailing from South Philly, Max Black’s songs offer a perfect example of the power and freedom found in DIY music. Black writes and records in his bedroom, totally free to follow his creative whims and fancies to create ramshackle masterpieces. And the result is something spectacular.

Black’s new record Bud is a study in solipsistic, dreamy songwriting. He comments, “Most of the songs are feelings about the dissonance between the ideal world inside your head versus seeing how ugly it is every day.” And the first single, “Scary,” illustrates this theme perfectly. From the gorgeous pseudo-industrial textures to the almost bored sounding vocals (think Lennon in “I’m So Tired”), the song walks the fine line between the beautiful and grotesque. It’s almost as if Black has written himself a gorgeous, sprawling soundtrack in his mind. But, it’s been diluted by the pain and suffering in our world by the time it reaches the listener’s ears. And this union between an idyllic dream world and the harsh realities of existence is conceptually complex, yet surprisingly refreshing.

Black says, “I like when people set out to make something simple and do it well; the feelings behind it are really there.”

On “Scary,” Max Black has accomplished this goal and given us a truly stunning song.

Listen to “Scary” below, and pre-order Bud from Flesh & Bone Records here.

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