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Presenting The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge Compilation

Mike Mehalick October 16, 2015 Features No Comments

24 Hour Songwriting Challenge

Well hello again. It’s been an incredible year for us here at Speak Into My Good Eye, and I’m pleased as a (insert kitschy metaphor here) that I am able to present this special project once again.

On a personal note, the 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge was born out of something we all feel; a little lonely, in need of something to feel good about. In hosting it last year for the first time, I heard so many amazing responses, recorded and otherwise, that led to a whole host of unforeseen residuals.

The impetus charged from a deadline led to some incredibly talented, largely independent songwriters to stop putting off that next session until, “maybe next week.” As a result, new singles, EPs, LPs were generated off a 24 hour period that could’ve flown by like so many days do.

So it’s with that sentiment, and the love brought to last nights CMJ Showcase, another thing I thought we’d never do, that I present the 2nd Annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge below. You’ll find contributions from our friends Deal Casino, Julian Fulton and even an instrumental from me.

All of the proceeds from this year’s challenge will go to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness. That lonely feeling I alluded to earlier very unfortunately puts some people in a real big hole. Some never climb out. But it’s with the support of the beauty of humanity, presented in the arts, that people who are in need of it, find hope and purpose.

I humbly invite you to listen to the 37 original contributions below, and should you have a spare sheckle, please consider donating to this great cause in exchange for some new music to own.

A huge thank you to all that participated, and should you want to get involved with Speak Into My Good Eye in any way, shape or form, we invite you to come be a part of this open platform. I know the value of having something like this to come to, through the good, bad and in-between times. I hope that you’ll find inspiration the same as those who submitted below.

Love, Michael Mehalick

P.S. The artist’s song with the most downloads by November 16th will win studio time at Eight+Sixteen in Bayville, NJ to be re-recorded minus the 24 hour limitations. Our thanks to our friends there for offering that up – eightsixteen.com.

Where Do They Go? (written in 24 hours by Joann Mehalick)

Where are you now? Where did you go?
I can still see you. The one I used to know

You are the one I loved to love.
Your heart is pure and much above
The rest of us, who’ll never know
The misery of your life of sorrow
Caring not about tomorrow

You bear it well, they rarely see
The sadness and loneliness that has to be
But, dearest one, you show the way
By getting by through every day
And caring for all who do not care
Or even know that you are there

But I do!

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