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Preview: .WAVCAVE To Throw Inaugural Party At Alphaville On May 21st

Juliana Todeschi May 17, 2016 News No Comments


This Saturday night starting at 11 PM, .WAVCAVE is throwing their inaugural party at Alphaville in Bushwick. Well, what is .WAVCAVE? Their website poses the same question asking visitors to hit Alphaville on the 21st to find out. If you can’t wait that long, I had the pleasure of sitting down with co-founders Jenny Palumbo and Meagan Rodriguez (a.k.a. DJ QRTR) and can give you the scoop!

.WAVCAVE stands for music + sweaty dance parties. Think of .WAV as in the file extension of a high-quality audio clip, and CAVE as in a dark, steamy hole-in-the-wall. And with that vision in mind, the founders set out to create a monthly community event which will be held at some of the hottest venues in Bushwick; they aim to bring like-minded people together in a “Return To Your Body” setting, where we’re all unplugged and faced with the music and human interaction.

Palumbo got the idea while studying abroad in London. “It’s an idea I have been toying with for a few years now,” she explains. “I was really influenced by the queer dance party scene in London and have been waiting for the right time to create my own event here in Brooklyn. That time came when Meagan started DJing about a year ago.”

At each of the events, local talent across all mediums will be featured. For the premiere party, visual artist Angela Juarez and dj HAZYL will join the mix, alongside Rodriguez under her moniker DJ QRTR.


Photo Credit: Dylan Johnston

When asked what will make .WAVCAVE different from the other parties currently happening around Brooklyn on a monthly basis, Rodriguez opened up, “We are finding the best local talent we know to create something positive for only $5 a head in the same local venues that we go to after work to grab a beer. We all have jobs outside of this and we aren’t looking to profit. We’re just trying to throw a quality party and hoping to create a community of friends and creators along the way.”

Palumbo continues, “Our party is rooted in a philosophy of inclusion. Meagan and I had always experienced this vibe of competitiveness and exclusivity within NYC party culture, which makes no sense to us. On some level, we’ve always felt like we didn’t really belong anywhere so we are creating a space where we do belong, and where anyone can belong. We want to encourage participation and build a community. Our team so far is completely female and half of us are queer females, but the party is essentially unpolitical. We’re pulling back the facade by placing the emphasis on dancing and having fun, after all, it is just a party.”

The .WAVCAVE ladies promise surprises at every show. For the launch, I’m assured it will be something nostalgic, bringing us back to a place existing before the digital age.

Check out their website for more details, give them a like over on Facebook to stay in the loop, and check their Instagram and Twitter feeds to get a sense of their vibe! More information on the upcoming event can be found on the event page.

And they curated this playlist (upon my request cuz it’s a music blog!) to give people a taste of what they’re getting into/can expect from .WAVCAVE:

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