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Rachel Miller Covers Blink-182, Stiff Motion Covers Foo Fighters…Help Them Get To Bamboozle

Chris Rotolo May 2, 2012 News No Comments
Photo by Kaelyn Rupinski

On April 14th the young Garden State songstress known as Rachel Miller was eliminated from the Regional Finals of The Break Contest, hosted by The Stone Pony, after performing an impressive set of lyrical poetry and vivid storytelling, and a Queen cover, played over a series of Punk chords slashed out on the acoustic six-string slung over her shoulder…Brick, NJ’s Stiff Motion, a riotous Pop-Punk collective that possesses the sharp wit of Blink-182, the playful stage antics of NOFX, and a collaborative sound that amalgamates such schools of songwriting thought as those owned by Smashing Pumkins, Foo Fighters, and Green Day, met a similar fate after spitting its ’90’s-era Alternative-Rock influenced tunes from under pastel-painted mohawks and protective surgical masks onto a mass of head banging bystanders.

With so much talent on the stage, all jockeying for a limited number of slots on the 10th Annual Bamboozle Festival lineup card, its only natural that many deserving outfits would be passed over…that is, until the announcement of this “Golden Ticket” contest of sorts hosted by YuuZoo, the official social media network of Bamboozle and The Break Contest.

As you’ll hear in the videos below, this contest is based completely on YuuZoo platform “buzz.”  The more “buzz” these bands generate, the better chance they’ll have at being selected to perform upon various side stages.  The groups/artists can generate “buzz” by having fans follow they’re YuuZoo pages, leave comments on posts, and giving a virtual thumbs up to the artist’s featured videos…get on board with your favorite Boozle-bound bands here.

In an attempt to create the aforementioned “buzz,” Miller covered one saturday headliner, Blink-182’s “Stay Together For The Kids,” while Stiff Motion covered the other, the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.”  Check out the videos below:

NOTE: Kid FelixBatten Down The Hatches, and Short Lived Affair were all selected to perform at the forthcoming Bamboozle Festival after performing sets of savage proportions this past weekend at the Regional Finals…Be sure to add them to your “Sets To See” list as these acts will likely return to the 20th Annual Boozle as headliners.

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