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Red Telephone Shares Their Debut Single “Victoria Park”

Emily Klingman October 10, 2018 News No Comments

Red Telephone

Cardiff-based band Red Telephone have just released their debut single, “Victoria Park.” A timeless psychedelic experience for listeners, the song transports them to an alternate lifetime within the song’s entirety.

The lyrics of “Victoria Park” were inspired by visits to the park as a kid. Singer Declan Andrews explains that in exploring the passing of time, Victoria Park became a inspiration for the band’s approach.

“It’s probably because Victoria Park has quite recognizable monuments such as the pool and bandstand which are easy to recall, even if they were peripheral to my experiences there when I was younger,” he said.

In addition to the band’s personal connections to Victoria Park, the idea of a park worked as a lens to see the passing of time.

“There’s something romantic about parks anyway and there seems to be a strong relationship between parks and time too,” said Andrews, “especially with the memorandum benches and how a lot of them don’t change all that much compared to the people who visit them.”

Red Telephone will be releasing “Victoria Park” on Libertino Records on Oct. 19.

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