RVIVR, Agatha, & Dogjaw Played On A School Night At NYU (4/9)

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I’ve seen punk rock in a basement. I’ve seen punk rock in a church. I’ve even seen punk rock outside of NYU for their annual Strawberry Festival, but I’ve never seen punk rock inside of a classroom at NYU until now.


The NYU Program Board has been very good to punk rock, paying sweet tuition money for awesome bands like Bomb the Music Industry!, Lightning Bolt, and Ted Leo + Pharmacists to play free, all ages shows that are open to the public. Last night’s show was nothing different, even a great excuse to wear shorts, except it was inside of an NYU classroom. Also, free posters!

The West Coast Queer Punk rock-a-thon coincided with NYU’s Gender Violence Awareness Week, hopefully on purpose. The only band on the roster who wasn’t signed to RVIVR‘s Rumbletown Records was Boston’s own, Tomboy. I only managed to catch the tail end of their set, which can be best summed up with this Vine.

Agatha and Dogjaw follow suit with two very different sets. Agatha is a very intense punk from Seattle, reminiscent of classic Black Flag, but with a much better drummer. Singer, Kaelen Quintero, belts out an intense fist fight with the microphone that would make Rollins blush. It’s refreshing to see a band that actually cares about the words they scream.


Olympia, Washington’s Dogjaw was more subdued, but still an intense experience. While their sound was simplified, their songs were much longer and intricate, including their last song which made use of live sampling.

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Both Agatha and Dogjaw have indepenent releases for free on Rumbletowne Records. They also have a split because they are best friends forever, which you can download here from Bandcamp.

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But the crowd was there for RVIVR, who you’d almost forget was playing were it not for Erica Freas singing along with every Dogjaw song from the middle of the audience.

RVIVR opened up with the first three tracks from their new release, the Beauty Between, straight into some classics from their self titled LP, including “Real Mean”, which they skipped during their last NY show. Erica was excited to be on stage as always, her voice a combination of Spinelli from Disney’s Recess and Peppermint Patty.

Matt Canino wore his trademark skirt and mentioned how a NYC cop didn’t like his outfit, but another one thought it was cute. “The moral of the story is fuck the police because some of them want to fuck you.”

Unfortunately, the set was cut short by guitar problems and a hard out at 10pm. It was a school night after all.

You can download music from all of the artists free of charge from Rumbletowne Records. If you like them, please check out their live shows and purchase their merch, including high quality vinyls.

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