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Seven Days A Week by Secret Country

Matt Ascone May 22, 2012 New Music 1 Comment

Kearny cowpunk outfit Secret Country has returned with their first release in two years, a 7-inch single titled Seven Days A Week, which is out today (May 22nd) on Killing Horse Records.

The first notes of the title track smack in you in the jaw notifying the listener that Jay Monaco (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) and company are back and sporting distortion-drenched fret-waltzing.  However, the series of Riff-Rock eventually gives way to the outfit’s classic acoustic guitar-driven country twang, providing a unique Bob Dylan meets Social Distortion musical amalgamation. The song is a day by day account of the singer’s boozing exploits and the challenges he faces, namely, building the strength to emerge from under the covers after a long night of debaucherous binge-drinking…only to repeat the feat that following evening.  The rollickingly fun Country tune is full of foot-stomping fiddle-play and Monaco’s southern-fried croon.

The B-side is fittingly titled “Deep-Fried Delight,” another yarn spun over instrumental accompaniment about the good times of yesteryear Monaco spent with a southern belle he met when he “fell into the chicken coop” while walking home from – where else? – the bar. In this second Country-Punk jaunt, the song opens with fiercely raunchy guitar bends overlaid with prickly banjo plucking while Monaco places his greatest strength, an undeniable ability to convey a great story, on full display.  In this case, the musical memoir is riddled with double entendres that compare this woman of interest to delicious golden-fried chicken.  Set against an up-tempo beat, lines like “Her biscuit’s always warm/And her biscuit’s always buttered/But I tell you its that chicken/That keeps me coming back” will have you reaching for seconds.

MUST HEAR TRACK:  With “Seven Days A Week” Jay Monaco weds Country and Punk over a topic fans of either genre can relate to: A heartfelt love of drinking.

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