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SIMGE On The Scene: Shadow Of The City Brought The 1975, Børns & More To The Stone Pony

Phil Shepherd July 4, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

Shadow of the City was only two weeks ago, yet it seems like an eternity in getting this out to everyone. Busy time of year for me so I am just a tad bit behind on things. 

It was perfect weather for what many consider to be a sparse crowd at the Stone Pony Summer Stage. Probably around 800 people filtered in and out during the day. Shadow of the City was originally scheduled to be held in Seaside, but had to change venues due to some technical difficulties. I am curious to see how many people did not attend due to the location change. But you know what? It was a great show and for all those who did not make the journey they certainly missed out on an amazing event. 

Billed as a festival, eight bands hit the stage with set lengths from 30 minutes for the opening acts (Hana, Shamir, Bishop Briggs, Frank Iero), 45 minutes for Borns and the reunited for one time only Steel Train, and 1:15 for the two big acts of the show, Carly Rae Jepsen and The 1975 .

That is quite an eclectic group of bands, but that is the point. Putting together so many different styled acts in one place to bring all people together. With a little luck, maybe we will get a revisit from the summer of love one of these years. 

The highlights of the day for me were Bishop Briggs, Borns and believe it or not, Carly Rae Jepsen. I was able to meet and chat with Bishop Briggs for a couple of minutes – she has an incredible voice. Borns brought that cool, southern California feel to our side of the country and Carly Rae Jepsen just put on a really good show. Yeah, I have a teenager so I am actually familiar with some of her tunes.  

It will be another couple of weeks till I am able to get back to some shows on a regular basis, I am in withdrawal!

A few choice selections from the day:


SOTC52016-11 SOTC72016_PShepherd-3 SOTC72016_PShepherd-13 SOTC72016_PShepherd-19 SOTC72016_PShepherd


SOTC52016-63 SOTC52016-78 SOTC72016_PShepherd-31 SOTC72016_PShepherd-43 SOTC72016_PShepherd-70


SOTC52016-124 SOTC52016-127 SOTC52016-153 SOTC52016-179 SOTC72016_PShepherd-112


SOTC52016-196 SOTC52016-201 SOTC52016-206 SOTC52016-216 SOTC72016_PShepherd-171


SOTC52016-243 SOTC52016-260 SOTC52016-267 SOTC52016-269 SOTC72016_PShepherd-248


SOTC52016-290 SOTC52016-307 SOTC52016-314 SOTC52016-315 SOTC52016-332


SOTC52016-357 SOTC52016-369 SOTC52016-399 SOTC52016-409 SOTC72016_PShepherd-383

THE 1975

SOTC52016-440 SOTC52016-459 SOTC52016-469 SOTC52016-486 SOTC72016_PShepherd-425

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