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SIMGE On The Scene: Accidental Seabirds, We’re Ghosts Now, Yawn Mower, & Carrying Kimberly Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 29, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

The nastiest day of the month turned in a most beautiful Happy Mondays, the final edition of 2015. A packed house filled The Wonder Bar and the tunes provided some great vibes throughout the night. An indie folk theme with a power duo sandwiched in.

Carrying Kimberly began the night, and while they do not perform out much they sure sounded good. A close knit quintet of family and friends got together as a side project led by a couple members from Thomas Wesley Stern.

I had just seen We’re Ghosts Now the previous week and I am always curious when and why members switch sides of the stage for different gigs. Just something that makes you go, hmmmm. Probably nothing, but interesting nonetheless.

The craziness of Yawn Mower lit things up next, powering away as a two piece of guitar and drums. Hair. Hair everywhere.

It has been a while since I had seen Accidental Seabirds. So long it seems, that I hardly pressed the shutter while they were on. They are traveling the road an incredible amount. Spreading their love and song throughout the country. Super nice, super talents, great feel  in their song. And, an incense burner built in to a pedal board. Say no More.

The schedule for January is not yet released. Dark City Entertainment is busy getting the final details set for their massive New Year’s eve party at The Stone Pony. As I was going through the photos for this week, I came to realize I have been at 47 out of 52 Happy Mondays in 2015. Looking forward to continuing the run in 2016 and taking in some more fantastic music.  Happy New Year.

The Choice selections from the evening:

Carrying Kimberly

CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-17 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-23 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-27 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-31 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-34 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-37 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-43 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-2 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-5 CarryingKimberly1228_PShepherd-16

We’re Ghosts Now

WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-31 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-36 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-40 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-43 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-47 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-51 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-62 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-8 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-17 WereGhostsNow1228_PShepherd-29

Yawn Mower

YawnMower1228_PShepherd-16 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-17 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-21 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-27 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-32 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-37 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-43 YawnMower1228_PShepherd YawnMower1228_PShepherd-4 YawnMower1228_PShepherd-8

Accidental Seabirds

AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-16 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-19 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-22 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-27 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-29 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-35 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-43 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-3 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-8 AccidentalSeabirds1228_PShepherd-10

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