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SIMGE On The Scene: After the Burn, Dirty, and Roulette played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 29, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

And when the thunder clouds appear, the seas will part, and there will be rock-n-roll once again. Thor appeared this week, yielding his heavy hammer next to the Marshall amps and double kick peddles that took over the stage at Happy Mondays. We had a local fare on tap for us at the Wonder Bar and the head bangers delight revived and yet tamed our aggressions from a beginning of the work week onslaught of the mundane grind we face.

Making the short jaunt up from Lacey, After the Burn kicked us off with some fun loving, in your face song. I had seen them once before, but I could not remember the faces until the instruments were slung. I will not forget them now, second time is the charm here.

Dirty cleanses my desire for the heavy. Just straight up great rock-n-roll. One of these days I will get my wife and her friends to see them. They will be Jersey City 80’s girls all over again. Just had a little evil snicker to myself.

Closing out the night was an Asbury band I had never see nor heard of before, but that is just because I am sheltered. Roulette has shred some turf and displayed great chops and licks giving us a little taste of some metal that we rarely see anymore. I think once they get a little more seasoning this group will have many great opportunities awaiting them.

We are into December already. Music Mondays are going strong, and there is much more to come.

The choice selections from the night:

After the Burn

AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-5 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-9 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-17 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-19 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-21 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-30 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-40 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-41 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-43 AftertheBurn1127_PShepherd-51


Dirty1127_PShepherd-10 Dirty1127_PShepherd-30 Dirty1127_PShepherd-40 Dirty1127_PShepherd-46 Dirty1127_PShepherd-55 Dirty1127_PShepherd-58 Dirty1127_PShepherd-63 Dirty1127_PShepherd-72 Dirty1127_PShepherd-73 Dirty1127_PShepherd-86


Roulette1127_PShepherd-6 Roulette1127_PShepherd-10 Roulette1127_PShepherd-14 Roulette1127_PShepherd-29 Roulette1127_PShepherd-37 Roulette1127_PShepherd-50 Roulette1127_PShepherd-52 Roulette1127_PShepherd-61 Roulette1127_PShepherd-66 Roulette1127_PShepherd-69

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