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SIMGE on the Scene: Arlan Feiles, Mike Monterey and Waiting on Mongo played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd June 29, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Little late getting this one up so I will make it quick. Still lots going on around the home and work front, right now though I am currently deciding on a plan of action to thwart the holiday weekend traffic so I can catch a show this weekend. We’ll see how that one goes. The one night of the week I do not have to worry about any of that stuff would be my sweet, sweet Monday. 

This weeks Happy Mondays was perfect. Cool, clean air, fine sounding song, and a couple of acts I had never seen. Arlan Feiles opened us up. Dude has soul. A veteran of the music scene,he was backed on stage by rhythm master Santos Rizzolo and also included a couple of guest appearances for some nice jams. 

Mike Monterey and band hit the stage for an extended set and cranked out some tasty R&B songs while we closed out the night night with favorite jam masters Waiting on Mongo

The choice selections from the evening:

Arlan Feiles

ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-2 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-7 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-22 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-30 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-33 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-37 ArlanFeiles626_PShepherd-40

Mike Monterey and Band

MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-5 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-13 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-18 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-28 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-30 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-35 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-37 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-50 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-52 MikeMonterey626_PShepherd-54

Waiting on Mongo

Mongo626_PShepherd-15 Mongo626_PShepherd-25 Mongo626_PShepherd-30 Mongo626_PShepherd-33 Mongo626_PShepherd-34 Mongo626_PShepherd-43 Mongo626_PShepherd-50 Mongo626_PShepherd-58 Mongo626_PShepherd-67 Mongo626_PShepherd-73

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