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SIMGE On The Scene: Astronautalis, Oxymorrons, Adam and the Flood Played Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd September 30, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

When we were asked to cover Oxymorrons at the Wonder Bar I had no idea what to expect. The headliner was billed as a hip hop artist which is not normally my thing. I did a quick preview of Oxymorrons before the assignment was accepted and thought their sound was modern and fresh and would be worth checking out. Let me just say, I am so glad I went because this show made my month. Nothing about this night was hip hop. 

Naturally, and as I do before every show, I had them playing all morning at work via Spotify to get familiar with their some of their tunes. The tracks stuck in my head all day, but I do not think it does them justice. This quintet is all about the live show, and it is incredible. Bounding energy from start to finish. Interaction on stage and with the crowd. Polished and professional, they have created a gritty, urban sounding rock allegiance that screams to be heard. And heard they were. They are just finishing up the eastern leg of a tour and will be headed out west next month. Stay tuned for their return. You will want to check them out. 

Opening up the night with more fresh sounds, Adam and the Flood has a background in the Hip Hop arena and has been touring extensively throughout his life. The Flood is his most recent project, breaking from the mold and introducing an alternative rock sound while staying within his roots. 

Tour headliner Astronautalis is a master storyteller and entertainer. Backed by a spinner and some keys, life was shared and friends were made. Top notch night all around. 

I admit to having never heard of anyone on this bill before this show. The beauty of discovery. Really, is that not what life is all about? New experiences, fresh sounds and killer song. See ya out there.  

The choice selections from the evening:   

Adam and the Flood

adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-5 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-21 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-19 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-43 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-40 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-36 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-33 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-28 adamandtheflood929_pshepherd-24


oxymorrons929_pshepherd-17 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-47 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-49 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-51 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-57 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-58 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-74 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-85 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-101 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-106 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-125 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-144 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-150 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-159 oxymorrons929_pshepherd-168


astronautalis929_pshepherd-10 astronautalis929_pshepherd-16 astronautalis929_pshepherd-22 astronautalis929_pshepherd-31 astronautalis929_pshepherd-40 astronautalis929_pshepherd-44 astronautalis929_pshepherd-53 astronautalis929_pshepherd-55 astronautalis929_pshepherd-56 astronautalis929_pshepherd-58



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