SIMGE On The Scene: Ben Resnick, Scout, and The Mercury Brothers played Happy Mondays

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I had another one of those restless nights trying to sleep on Monday, still stoked up from a night at Happy Mondays. Maybe, subliminally, that is why I missed quite a few of them…fear of lack of sleep. NOT. Who knows, maybe it was all this Hot Stove talk that kept me awake. My day gig is very flexible, sleep will never be an excuse for missing a show. There was actually a really nice crowd again at Wonder Bar, so seems those people feel the same way towards a Monday outing. Very cool.

Mr. Ben Resnick kicked us off solo, acoustic style. Ben is the singer/guitarist of the popular band of brothers, We’re Ghosts Now. Had a good time listening to the acoustic versions of his songs, and he even broke out a new one that is in the works.

Scout (@ListentoScout) is a fairly new gathering of musicians to hit the scene, some really nice, poppy rock -n -roll. Devon Alana turned in her Uke for a six string and put together a talented quartet who have recently released their first single, Maybe, back in October. They will be at The Starland in support of Badfish on January 5th.

Dan Apy relayed to the crowd that he has been trying to play a Happy Mondays for quite a while but could never get to because of other obligations. This night he said the heck with it, got coverage and brought down The Mercury Brothers to close out the night. This is one band I never see enough of. I am a sucker for Blues Rockers and Dan has such a great voice to bind it all together. They are part of an amazing bill for December 28th show at the Wonder Bar,

Up Next week at Happy Mondays is an evening of poetry featuring Sabrina Benaim, Clemaninte Von Radis and Lindsey Marie.

The Choice Selections from the Evening:

Ben Resnick

BenResnick1210_PShepherd-5 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-10 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-20 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-25 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-34 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-38 BenResnick1210_PShepherd-41


Scout1210_PShepherd-22 Scout1210_PShepherd-32 Scout1210_PShepherd-34 Scout1210_PShepherd-57 Scout1210_PShepherd-70 Scout1210_PShepherd-108 Scout1210_PShepherd-113 Scout1210_PShepherd-119 Scout1210_PShepherd-149 Scout1210_PShepherd

The Mercury Brothers

MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-14 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-25 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-43 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-61 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-69 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-70MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-80 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-86 MercuryBrothers1210_PShepherd-131

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