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SIMGE On The Scene: Dark Matters, Fast Clare, Levy & The Oaks and Morningside Lane Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd July 20, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

It was my first time back at the Wonder Bar since the renovations have been taking place. Some really nice improvements have been made to the exterior and the inside is well under way. I kinda like the way the ceiling over the stage looks right now. It is unfinished, but it has a nice raw and open look to it. I should be able to get back to regular scheduled programming now, I have been jones’n for live music. 

Our night started off a bit on the progressive side as The Dark Matters took the stage as a three piece. Missing their rhythm guitarist for the night, the band looked like they had a great time on the stage as they let loose through their set. 

A couple of bands I had never seen took the slots in the middle of the evening. From Neptune City, Fast Clare turned in a really cool set. Part rock-n-roll, part surf-a-rock-a-billy, the three piece outfit has a very listenable down to earth vibe to them. 

Asbury locals, Levy and The Oaks put in my favorite set of the night. A little Indie Americana. Lots of depth and great arrangements. I am still incredibly curious about bands I have not heard anything about and as many local bands as I have encountered over the past two years, there are just as many I have not. That is a thing of beauty in my book.  

Closing out the night were energetic North Jersey Rockers Morningside Lane. These guys always have a good time on the stage and are always a pleasure to see. 

The choice selections from the evening: 

The Dark Matters

DarkMatters618_PShepherd-9 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-14 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-20 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-31 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-36 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-38 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-48 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-54 DarkMatters618_PShepherd-57

Fast Clare

FastClare618_PShepherd-3 FastClare618_PShepherd-11 FastClare618_PShepherd-24 FastClare618_PShepherd-29 FastClare618_PShepherd-40 FastClare618_PShepherd-42 FastClare618_PShepherd-50 FastClare618_PShepherd-57 FastClare618_PShepherd-61

Levy & The Oaks

LevyOaks_PShepherd-5 LevyOaks_PShepherd-10 LevyOaks_PShepherd-14 LevyOaks_PShepherd-28 LevyOaks_PShepherd-32 LevyOaks_PShepherd-52 LevyOaks_PShepherd-68 LevyOaks_PShepherd-80 LevyOaks_PShepherd-85

Morningside Lane

MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-8 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-21 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-34 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-37 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-42 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-58 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-63 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-76 MorningsideLane618_PShepherd-85

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