SIMGE On The Scene: Doug Zambon, Franks & Deans and The Burns Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 14, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

I was feeling the effects of a busy weekend and actually debating whether or not to head out to catch some tunes Monday night. Silly me for even entertaining that fleeting thought. Even when I am out, I normally get home and hit the sack around the same time I would if I was not out so what is the big deal? Sometimes I think I beat this point to a pulp, but when you can go out on a Monday night, see three sets of original music for free, and still be home at a reasonable hour it amazes me that more people do not take advantage of this. Think it is time we/I do a little alternative promotion to get more people out and keep these events happening.

I had not seen Doug Zambon in a while, I think the last time he was in full band mode with The Vansaders, so it was awesome to catch him solo.  I try and mess around with in camera double exposures when we get a solo act on the Happy Monday Stage, but this night I had to experiment with some triple exposures. Pretty interesting, have to line them up and get them overlapped just right. Hard to do. I did not include any in this gallery but there is one floating about in the instagram world. You can catch The Vansaders in full at House of Independents two year anniversary party on November 25th.

The touring band for the night came by way of Las Vegas, complete with their own show girl. Franks and Deans put in a helluva set, very entertaining and musically top notch. A little bit ska, a little bit punk, with a burlesque comedy kicker. It was their second time coming through the area, and while they are headed back west now, they will be returning. If you have not seen them live put it on your to do list.

The Burns closed out the night for us. Loved them. I do not think I have seen them, as a unit, live before. It has been a sheltered year for me.  So, another fantastic surprise and another Happy Monday. Must give a shout out to guitarist Matt Fernicola’s side project “Sushi with Fern”. Be on the lookout for your special chance to partake in a plate with Fern. Good Stuff.

The choice selections from the evening:

Doug Zambon

DougZ1113_PShepherd-8 DougZ1113_PShepherd-10 DougZ1113_PShepherd-14 DougZ1113_PShepherd-15 DougZ1113_PShepherd-19

Franks and Deans

Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-2 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-18 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-24 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-33 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-36 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-41 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-49 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-50 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-55 Franks&Deans1113_PShepherd-57

The Burns

TheBurns1113_PShepherd-4 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-19 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-29 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-34 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-35 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-38 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-43 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-51 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-55 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-57 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-75 TheBurns1113_PShepherd-78

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