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SIMGE On The Scene: Ian Colletti, Lost Romance & Country Grits and the Dicks Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 6, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

December is now in full swing around these parts, while most are prepping for the holidays, I am looking forward to getting back to the homestead for a week in the beginning of January. Life slows down a bit for me when leaving New Jersey, and in the land of volunteers I always make it a point to reconnect with some mountain culture and getting my southern drawl back.

This week’s Happy Mondays featured a band that makes its home in Johnson City, Tennessee with original origins by way of Texas. Music from the country yes, but not country music by any means. Country Grits and the Dicks. A five-piece romp through stories of wives, abnormal bowel movements and the great old USA. Satirical boundaries are disposed of through some musically adept melodies and a few ripping solos. They may make fun of it all, but these guys are some serious musicians. If you would like to catch them live before they leave the area they will be in Belmar at Joes Saloon, Friday night December 9th and in Brooklyn on the 10th at Our Wicked Lady.

For fans of the AMC series Preacher, Ian Colletti brought his band through while on a break from filming. I totally get the therapy he obtains from performing and writing tunes, escaping from those make up sessions has got to be freeing just on its own, but when you can keep entertaining and doing what feels right, it makes it all that much better. Ian was backed by some stellar musicians and great vocal accompaniment as we heard some soft, and some harder pop sounds from the group. Ian celebrated the release of his debut single “Love While We’re Young” just a few weeks ago at The Saint.

Lost Romance opened the night for us, Have not seen this trio in a long while it was great to catch them again and be transported back to those alternative times of my youth. Amazing job by Joshua Van Ness sitting in on drums for the night. Only two more Monday night parties left for this year, come out and get it on with some free tunes and good people!

The Choice selections from the evening:

Lost Romance

LostRomance124_PShepherd-4 LostRomance124_PShepherd-11 LostRomance124_PShepherd-14 LostRomance124_PShepherd-27 LostRomance124_PShepherd-32 LostRomance124_PShepherd-40 LostRomance124_PShepherd-43 LostRomance124_PShepherd-61 LostRomance124_PShepherd-62 LostRomance124_PShepherd-72

Ian Colletti

IanColletti124_PShepherd-14 IanColletti124_PShepherd-29 IanColletti124_PShepherd-40 IanColletti124_PShepherd-44 IanColletti124_PShepherd-54 IanColletti124_PShepherd-55 IanColletti124_PShepherd-59 IanColletti124_PShepherd-86 IanColletti124_PShepherd-106 IanColletti124_PShepherd-107

Country Grits and the Dicks

CountryGrits124_PShepherd-32 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-38 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-39 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-52 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-61 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-65 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-66 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-67 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-92 CountryGrits124_PShepherd-95

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